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I am fortunate that I have a great many friends from all around the world. Here’s what a few had to say after I shamelessly emailed them all with a link to this web site!

Bjarne Hansen from San Francisco
Good for you David - What an incredible accomplishment – CONGRATULATIONS. Thanks for sharing the story and pictures.

Jerrod Larson from Seattle


Joe Yellig from Houston

Great website...I need to get me a mac!

Doug Sparks from North Carolina

Congratulations David!

Steve Yarbrough from Houston

Congratulations!  You should start a running club at the office. I will be 50 in a year and would like to run in the marathon next year if my knees will hold up. Are you going to do it again?

Joey Hario from California

Congratulations! That is a huge. I am running LA this year. That should be fun.

Tom-Erik Grønningsæter from Norway,

That’s great David, congratulations. Now you are ready for some mountain walking here in Norway? Nice pictures.

George Begg from Scotland

You are indeed the man. I am so impressed and pleased for you.

Beate Røiland from Norway

CONGRATULATIONS DAVID!!!!!!!   You have all the reasons to be proud !!!!!!!

Halvor Sandven from Norway

Wow !! David, I am really impressed. Congratulations! You have shown to everybody who knows you that you have a very strong will and is capable of accomplishing your aims!

Ashok Mishra from Pennsylvania,

Great job Dave!!.....

Sri Amara from Atlanta

Congratulations. I adore your determination. I have a lot to learn from you.

Holiday Poole from Houston

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You are truly an inspiration for everyone…

Milton Young from Houston

David – congratulations! Hopefully you’ve received some after marathon relief – neuromuscular therapy.  After my 1st marathon (15 years ago, also in Houston), I was stiff from head to toe for a week.  I didn’t learn until several years (Aspen triathlon) later that the lactic acid needed to be worked out of the muscles almost immediately.  Keep up the good work.  You look maaahvelous!

Gregg Medlyn from Dallas

Congratulations!  I am very proud of you buddy!!!!!

Janet Robinett from Houston

Congratulations!  You have accomplished a lot in a short period of time.

Carol Bolton from Fredericksburg, Texas

wow, i wept when i read your story.  we are sooo proud. o my goodness, David.  Only you.  We love you and cannot wait to see your new bod and hear your story.  The Lord is Good and His faithfulness to all generations.  Mac and Gussie are by my side and can't get enough.  we want your autograph.

Stéphane Duguay from Canada,

AMAZING...  I'm really impressed with your accomplishment.  It took you a lot of courage and effort and gives us a great lesson in life to never give up.

David Grzebinski from Houston

Awesome!!!! I knew you could do it…

Jose Martinez from Dallas

Dude, You’re an inspiration to everyone. It’s amazing that roughly a year ago you were 350 pounds and a smoker…Now you’re 220 pounds, a marathon runner and healthy…You’re the MAN!! Plus, I like the website…I was number 60!! Run David Run!!

Roger Taylor from Alabama

Well Done Sir. The website is awesome - thanks for sharing that with us. Very inspirational. Let us know if they invite you to Good Morning America....

Sabir Jiwa from Houston

Congratulations, you should submit your story to Men’s Health.  They always do a feature on individuals who achieve greatness through improving their physical and mental well being.

Gregory Knight from Norway

Congratulations David, that is great news.  Thanks for sending me the link. I have 100% admiration for anybody who runs a Marathon, especially as I don't think I have the level of commitment (or desire) that it takes to do so. My hat goes off to you Sir.

Kim See from Houston

Congratulations on all fronts!  You’ll be running the Boston marathon in no time! J Your journey is exceptional and we all appreciate you bringing us along to share in your victories. Thanks for shining your light.

Lars Nielson from Denmark

I heard from Bjarne that you did run a full marathon! Respect, - and well done. What's your next goal, I wonder? I'll guess no more Mexican cheese sauce next time I'll visit Houston ;-)

Linda Guckian of Houston

Great job David.  What a big accomplishment.